The most important part of my scientific work is perhaps education. I love to teach. I like to provide the knowledge to those who can develop it, and whom I can learn. My educational activities consists four parts.

Student’s Scientific Conference (TDK) consultation focusing on information security, electronic signature, e-government and e-commerce Diploma and thesis consultation and evaluation in these areas University lectures (ELTE, BME, ZMNE) Corporate awareness training courses and professional exam preparation courses Continue reading

Electronic Signature

My research focuses on information security. I deal with virtually all areas of this area. The closest to my heart, however, is the subject of electronic signatures. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that the Hungarian Electronic Signature Association (HAES) elected me the member of board, as well as I could be a registered expert in electronic signatures. I dealt with more than one topic within the area of electronic signatures. They are as follows: Fundamentals of e-signatures Electronic archiving Interoperability of electronic signature products Practical implementation of electronic signatures

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Electronic government

I started the Military Technology PhD School of Zrínyi Miklós National Defense University in the autumn of 2008, where I chose the Hungarian e-government services’ complex information security solutions for research topic. During the years of my doctoral studies I try to add the most to the protection of e-government systems of Republic of Hungary. It basically means a lot of publications. The following link provides an overview of the plans and the results achieved so far.

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The hacker subculture

At the time I was young I wanted to be a hacker. Then, somehow, this never came up, so I discussed with myself that if I am no longer a real hacker, I can at least be a supporter of the Hungarian hacker subculture. I feel that it’s been successful, the majority my press appearences connects to this area. The presentation of hackerism is less scientific, but the more interesting area, the related publications can be viewed by clicking on the link.

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I has already jumped into the field of electronic commerce at the university. I have always thought about how to increase the security of e-business applications. Then, using my work so far we have been successfully applied to create an e-marketplace, which, I hope that within 1-2 years, will be one of the largest such service in the country. Because the classical e-commerce is an interdisciplinary science, I could participate in many non-technical thesis works as a consultant. Details after the jump.

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