My unofficial CV

That mention everything and everyone which and who are important in my life. If someone is accidentally left out just write me.:)

The entire thing began in 11 October 1979 when I was born as the first-born son of Tütő Zsuzsa and Krasznay Endre. At that time they were glad of me. This is increased since then.:) My calm was only last for 2 and half years when my sister, Edit was born. By the way I had a very peaceful childhood. My parents don’t share this opinion. Well, it’s not so easy to bring up two children.

Primary School in Budenz útI gain my first institutional experience in the Kindergarten in Labanc utca where I participated in the carefree entertainment until 1986. But the unavoidable came, I was registered to the primary school. My parents chose the closest Primary School in Budenz út.

I started those superb school years with a warning. A real flying start… But I went at it full blast and for the second year I could bring up myself to get the best marks and I could prove to my mother that she has a bright son.

Owing to my good results I was selected to the best class in my school where we could learn English instead of Russian. This class stayed together until the end of primary school. The most significant change was happened in the 5th grade when Édes Péter became our form master. At that time he was considered as the best math and physics teacher in our district. I don’t know if it is true or not true, but the fact is that I was orientated to the technology field in those days mainly because of his personality. And of course I must mention the school radio which was started in 1993 by me and my friend, Krisztián. But those days were slowly ended, in 1994 we finished the primary school and I had to choose a secondary school.

Táncsics Mihály Secondary SchoolThe decision fell to Táncsics Mihály Secondary School (now Budai Középiskola) which was compulsion then but it was proven to a good choice later. To be a schoolboy in Táncsics was a lifestyle. But I had to learn the rules. The point is that in 1994 I was selected to the class of dr. Sárváry Mariann which was signed B and I got to the English specialization. After the first two years’ conflicts I found the ideal “way of life” of Táncsics. In the second grade I began to the school radio and I continued it until the final examination. In the third grade I take math and physics elective courses where I met the craziest class in our school. I have many friendships from there. By the way my math teacher was Szakács Péter. Besides him my friend, Szentgáli Zsolt had a great influence on me who taught history to my class. Then everything was finished: we took our final exam…

BMEAfter the final exam I went to the University of Technology and Economics Faculty of Electrical Engineering. I don’ regret it since then. I obtained such friends who determine my company nowadays.

I was second-year student when I concerned myself with information security. Because on the university only Ebizlab and later CrySyS Lab on the Department of Telecommunications was occupied with this subject it was obvious to look at it. It was a lucky accident that its sponsor company, E-Group Rt. advertised a research opportunity for students at that time. I’m indebted to Csapodi Márton for employing me because this is why I work on the IT security field. In the laboratory I met some genius e.g. with Professor Vajda István. In 2001 I completed a course about e-business in the Centre of Information Technology which was held by Szigeti Szabolcs. I got into contact with my first workplace here. After it appeared that I work with electronic signatures I was employed to project in connection with this field. The project was led by Magyar Gábor my later consultant. These two lines was fundamentally determined what I would work and who would be my colleagues.

Centre of Information TechnologyAfter the diploma it was given to work at the Centre of Information Technology where I used up the keyboard until the end of 2006. I feel that I slowly become experienced in the professional life. I learnt so much, I got serious, and I hope I can reach my goals that I marked up. The real education was the time that I spent on Kancellá Zrt. where I learned what the real business is with all the advantages and disadvantages. Later I worked for the largest IT company, Hewlett-Packard in Hungary. I finished my PhD studies on National University of Public Service (former Zrínyi Miklós National Defense University) at 2011, and I received the PhD degree in 2012, so I’m the doctor of military technology sciences now. From 2014 I work at BalaBit-Europe as a product manager. In this role I’m responsible for paving the way of a product to the fame.