Dear Visitor,

I want to welcome You who have strayed to my webpage by a mysterious reason. My name is Dr. Csaba Krasznay and I hope that the content of my page will be interesting and useful for you.

I have many purposes with this webpage. At first this is a reference page where I share my professional activities with the visitors, and of course with those employers who find my knowledge adequate for a well-paid job. Secondly this is a place where I can commemorate the most important things in my private and professional life. And last I can show up a website whereupon I can be proud and which can satisfy my vanity. And now some words about this page.

On the left side, under the News section I’ll publish the most important events with the webpage and me. Typically these will be the date of my presentations and the notifications about my new publications.

Under the About me link you can find my official CV and a collection about the most important events and persons in my life. If somebody is missing or is presenting despite of his will please write me, and I’ll correct my mistake.

Under the Research section I’ll upload some material in connection with my professional interest. These won’t be scientific publications rather some awareness raising document in my research scope. In the Events section I’ll continuously notify the enquirers that when and where can they listen me in which subject.

I think that further information about the Photos and Links section is not necessary. But under the Publications section there are many important things (especially for me). The Articles, writings section contains those texts that I’ve written and have appeared some sort of newspaper. I also upload the interviews with me. The Presentations section contains my presentations which are electronically signed and time stamped for proving the authentic origin because of my previous bad experience. And last in the Jobs section I’ve linked those reference works which are publicly available.

So I wish pleasant surfing! If you have any comment, write me to the csaba(a) address! The latest news of my site are available on my RSS feed.