Common Criteria and MIBÉTS education material


I participated in the development of the Hungarian education material of Hungarian Information Security Evaluation and Certification Scheme (MIBÉTS) and Common Criteria. This link points to the table of contents; the whole material is not available on the internet.

Key recovery inside the electronic communication of the Hungarian public administration


This study is one element in the collection of information security recommendations for the Hungarian public administration about key recovery. Key recovery is important at the utilization of encryption keys but I think it is only acceptable in public administration.

Development of an underlying methodology about the usage of electronic signature in business environment

Infopark Foundation

The competition of Infopark Foundation in 2003 was won by a group led by prof. Szirmay-Kalos László in the field of electronic signatures. I started to work later on the University but Áron and I was involved in this project. I think this is the most complete study in Hungarian that I’ve ever met. Unfortunately it is not available on the internet you can download a fragment of it as a part of my presentation. The title of contents is also available.

Certification of nCipher nShield F3 HSM cryptographic module according to the Hungarian Electronic Signature Law

Hunguard Kft.

For the provision of qualified electronic signature service it is inevitable to use hardware security modules that ensure the protection of CA’s private keys. To prove this security the original foreign cryptographic certificates are “over certified” in Hungary.

Certification of SafeNet Luna CA3 HSM cryptographic module according to the Hungarian Electronic Signature Law

Hunguard Kft.

During the certification process we have to read the product documentations and search for known possibilities discovered after the certification. That is why the certification process is not only a translation but it demands extensive security, cryptographic and operation knowledge.

Preparation of E-Group’s Signed Document eXpert (SDX) to the certification process

E-Group Rt.

After my university studies I got an interesting job from E-Group. I had to prepare their signature creation software to the certification process based on Common Criteria. Thanks to this job I have a relatively deep knowledge in Common Criteria.