Child soldiers of the modern age – How to protect young hackers?

This is joint presentation with Buherátor where we show the phenomenon of young hackers’ involvement in organized crime and reckless hacktivist groups and how they become victims. We also presented possible diversion and awareness techniques to prevent such IT crimes.

Our profession on the shoulders of communities – what can we expect from 2013? (in Hungarian)

Lack of financial resources, emigration of experts. Just two examples of the most serious problems of Hungarian IT security market. In this presentation I analyzed the problems and potential solutions with Julianna Bozsó.

Information security solutions of Hungarian electronic government applications

In my PhD thesis I studied three topics. In the first chapter I developed a Common Criteria based Protection Profile toolkit for e-government applications. In the second chapter I analyzed the Common Criteria assurance requirements for development environment regarding the Hungarian regulations. In the third chapter I proposed some vulnerability assessment procedures for e-government applications.

Security audit issues of mobile devices (in Hungarian)

The sudden proliferation of smart phones are a serious challenge for professionals responsible to the regulation and control of information security all over the world. In my lecture I reviewed the recommendations of ISACA in this area, and their extent of usability in practice. I gave an overview of audit support functionality of the market-leading solutions, and analyzed to what extent they support the implementation of the principles laid down by the ISACA.