Critical Information Infrastructures as Targets of Cyber Operations

In my presentation I overview the expected appearances of cyber crime, cyber terrorism, hacktivism, cyber espionage and cyber warfare based on technological and security policy risks.

Cyber soldiers in the world – how to become a military hacker?

Nowadays there is an enormous development of military sense cyber-attack capabilities all around the world. Either in the United States, Europe and Asia more and more countries recruit experts who can hack into another country’s information system and can collect information or destroy it using the hacker methods. In my open source based presentation I study different countries’ cyber-attack capabilities and the composition and features of military units behind them. I emphasize the methods of supply development, what kind of education and recruitment techniques can be used to fill up units and what connection these countries have with local hacker communities.

Role of Law Enforcement Agencies in Cyber Defense

Organizing cyberdefense in a country is a complex subject that needs interagency cooperation. All countries have a different governance structure, but it is a fact that the ministry responsible for internal security has a key role in this hierarchy. This is confirmed by recommendations from various international organizations that show best practices for the creation of national cyberdefense strategies. The goal of this study is to overview the role of Hungarian internal security organizations in cybersecurity and the compliance with international recommendations.

Regulation of IT Security today and tomorrow in Hungary

Cyber security became one of the most important security policy issues worldwide and Hungary also. This initiate the need of policy (re)making. This presentation shows the efforts of the Hungarian governments to develop secure cyberspace, what strategies and laws were written for information security and what are the requirements for operators, developers, suppliers and financial institutes.